Unlock the insight of your data

to ensure collectiv decision!

AIM45 converts data flow into objective information that is immediately available and ready to use in order to optimise any IoT object*.

AIM45 has developed a collaborative web platform, based on sensors’ data analysis to to bring your data to life!

Powerful and innovative, it connects highly qualified data to the R&D team’s collective intelligence.

It is a virtuous spiral of collective learning and progress !

* IoT : object, structure, connected and data source tool.

Our businesses

AIM45 is targeted at all systems in need for control and optimisation : boats, foils, cargos, wind turbines, bridges, digital devices…


Secteur d'activités AIM45 : bateaux de course

Wind turbines

Eolienne : énergie marine


Cargo à voiles

Your questions

How do I exploit myhighfrequency data flows ?

I need objective data to optimise mechanicalsystems.

I need to know the criticalload value of my structure.

I want to communicate objective information to my team.

I want to analyse and valueeach of my navigations.


The answer to all of your questions : a web-based collaborative platform of data analysis.

Define together your customised solution


your needs


all your sensors

Offers flexibilty integrates

into your optimisation process

AIM45’s complete product range

M1, Offshore Report


one race = one analysis



a custom-made solution

AIM45 also offers an extended range of services from the measurement of indicators to the interpretation of relevant data and the development of tool design.

She is a supplier and a trainer for Adrena navigation softwares and KND-SailingPerformance on weather forecasting, ship routing, navigation and data analysis.

The data « consciousness »

Consciousness connects us to our environment.
The data is a result of our experiences and our environment.
The data « consciousness » creates the link between the data and our experiences:
it provides an objective perception as well as an extensive knowledge of the environment.

It allows a better understanding of the environment in which we evolve.