About AIM45

AIM45 converts your data flow into objective information in order to optimize any IoT object (boat, foil, wind turbine…).

AIM45 has developed a collaborative web platform of data analysis.

Innovative and powerful, it is the product of Olivier Douillard’s expertise in the sailing world and top-level yacht racing (constraint environment, high technology, competition) for more than 25 years.

Our mission

AIM45’s mission is to optimise any IoT object (boat, cargo, wind turbine, bridge, digital machine…) :

getting the right information to the right people at the right moment in order to facilitate collective progress.




Sharing :

empirical and objective reports

Quest for



The GUARANTEE of AIM45 relies on its analytical capacity to promote collective intelligence at the benefit of your IoT object.

The AIM is to convince the players involved around your project to come on board and to trigger their commitment thus ensuring collective success.

Our ambition

Create the right environment for effective decision-making !

Based on user feedback, we are looking to unlock the insight of the data to nurture collective intelligence and connect people and technology.

Our values

AIM45 isalso a team of passionate people with true values, full of energy!

PEOPLE connected to TECHNOLOGY !


and goodwill

Valeur AIM45 : esprit d'équipe et bienveillance


commitment and customer service

Valeur AIM45 :

Social and environmental


Valeur AIM45 :


at the service of collective intelligence

Valeur AIM45 : l'innovation au service de l’intelligence collective

Sharing and


L’AVENTURE HUMAINE  et le partage

The offshore sailing expertise

Olivier Douillard, founder of AIM45:

  • Member of the French Sailing Team, 2 America’sCup, ORMA circuit, Maxi, Ultimates …
  • Engineer, performance manager (31rst and 32nd Americas’Cup) Consultant for North Sails, Imoca teams on the Vendée Globe, Engineer at Adrena, performance manager within the Gitana team.

He has worked within highly demanding sectors in which safety requirement, quest for performance, technical and environmental constraints, competition and technology are key aspects.


Thanks to his field expertise, he created tools that are :

  • up-to-date
  • pragmatic
  • agile
  • robust.

AIM45’s assets

AIM45 offers a collaborative tool to increase your performance and security, always ensuring data security.

Fonctionnement de la plateforme web


Secure connection
Client : project owner
Available to the user only
If needed,data can be destroyed


Tailor-made offer
Data officer


Calculating objective values
Computing capacity
Accessibility : online
User-friendly interface