Today, data are available everywhere.
What is the best way to exploit them?

Analyze your Route

du Rhum

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Bring objective facts to feed the reflection.



Transform your data into information.



Create a collaborative network to meet your personal needs.

AIM45 develops measurement and data analysis solutions for racing boats.
AIM45 offers an extensive service from indicators measurement to data interpretation and technical tool design.

What is AIM1?
• An innovation
• A data analysis online platform
• Accessible and intuitive

AIM1, 1st tool capable of:
• Analyzing 1 Transat in its totality;
• Analyzing high frequency;
• Providing objectives reports.

Who is behind AIM1?
• Created by Olivier Douillard, Racer-engineer, AIM45 specializes in performance analysis

• An network of experts: SenX, IMT Atlantique, Pixel-sur-Mer, Adrena

AIM1 is the tool of racers, architects and engineers.


AIM1 transforms sensors data into tangible information + Boat/Sensors diagram