The data are the support of the learning and development of your system.
We talk about Data Conscience!
AIM45 develops measurement and data analysis solutions for racing boats.

AIM45 offers an extensive service from indicators measurement to data interpretation and technical tool design.



Bring objective facts to feed the reflection.



Transform your data into information.



Create a collaborative network to meet your personal needs.

AIM45 Services and Solutions

AIM45 proposes the AIM1 Platform: Ocean Racing Data Analysis.

In collaboration with PIXEL sur MER company, AIM45 works on the exploitation of the Optical Fiber Bragg Grating technology for the measurement of composite parts deformation.

AIM45 offers data analysis services but also the setup of technical tools and their integration in the decision-making process of a racing team or your company


AIM45 is a reseller and Adrena SailingPerformance software suites trainer for weather routing, navigation and data analysis solutions.

AIM45 can address your specific needs in terms of tools and analysis for the management of data available from sensors at high frequency


AIM45 offers its wide expertise in racing boats, but also in the maritime and environmental areas.