Our Team

AIM45 is a team of passionate people with true values and ideas that you can easily relate to !

Olivier Douillard

Engineer / Sailor

There was light, so he came in ! … It was at Polytech in Nantes and he doesn’t regret it ! As a highly qualified sailor, Olivier never fully abandonned his engineer hat. It is what has brought him, after some years sailing onboard amazing boats along side with the most experimented teams, to create AIM45.

But what would have happened if, as a teenager, he had entered the music conservatory or the French Olympic sailing team ? well… we’ll never know !

According to Olivier, it is « the logical flow of my career development and it opens a new field of expression ».

Nicolas Larché


He loves Jazz and almost came up to the point where he would have dedicated his life to rock n’roll.

Originally trained as a marine biologist, he became a developer 10 years ago.

Nico has therefore an open mind; his creativity and versatilty allows him to deal with his favorite language, (javascript), with some dexterity to develop AIM45’s Platform.

For Nico, AIM45 is… « in the air ! »

Julie Renouf

Business and administrative management

Julie fell into sailing when she was a kid… it has given her an ever lasting positive energy, that is, as long as she lives close to the shore and to boats (racing boats preferably !) .

It is her own kind of « kryptonite ! » and she has enough to boost the entire team when needed !

For Julie, AIM45 is « a real challenge, full of adventure and great values ».

Catherine Ecarlat


Kat dreamt about becoming a baker or a forest ranger…

In the mean time, Catherine is finding her way around the language of AIM45’s developers to produce newsletters and press releases sharing inspiring stories about M !

For Kat, AIM45 is..  « a team with inspiring ideas ! ».

AIM45 and a network of experts

Pixel Sur Mer
Avalon Lab
IMT Atlantique
Adrena, navigation software

Olivier Douillard, is the founder of AIM45, a company that works along side with a network of experts :

SenX (Big Data for Time series)
Avalon Lab (Software development studio, expertise and technical support)
IMT Atlantique (LUSSI/Lab-STICC/DECIDE) Engineering School and research laboratory
Pixel-sur-Mer (datalogger fibre optic and strain measurement)
Adrena (navigation software et performance studies)