Capture List

It is the first digital and automatic navigational report !

As soon as you are back from sailing, you will get :

  • the view of your track,
  • the history of all the events of your sailing sessions (settings, sails…),
  • the history of your conversation with your technical team and/or coach (throughout messaging systems such as Telegram or WhatsApp), onboard photographs or videos,
  • The analysis that you need (through Segmentation, Detection functions…).
Capture List
Fonction M2 Capture List,

The Capture list function will:

  • « Capture » each event of your sailing sessions in order to obtain a precise and accurate list of objective informations to assess ;
  • Centralise these informations to create a navigational report accessible by everyone.

This data sharing method provides all players working to optimize your performance to have the same level of information.


Everyone can consequently bring their own analysis and seek for a gain of performance : It is the virtuous spiral of collective learning…