Collaborative web platform

Custom data solution

Questions Personnages

How do I exploit my high frequency data flows ?

I need objective data to optimise mechanical systems.

I need to know the critical load value of my structure.

I want to communicate objective information to my team

I want to analyse and value each of my navigations.

I do not have the complete picture of the history of my IoT.


Questions équipe

You are looking for a tool that:


  • is collaborative


  • adapts to
    all your sensors,
    all safety, performance and development objectives


  • is capable of
    analysing a very large volumes of data,
    offering an immediate and easy analysis.
Constat : données omniprésentes

Our M2 solution:

A collaborative web platform:

Custom Data Solution

With your Data Officer, we define together THE  solution:

  • suits your environment
  • matches all your sensors
  • offers flexibilty
  • integrates into your optimisation processes.


Capture List

Digital and automatic
navigational report

Fonction Segmentation

Automatic characterization
of track

Fonction Detection

Detection of the min and max
calculations of median values

Fonction Inside

The composite’s
hidden life

Fonction Bowl

Boat’s actual performance,
off shore

Fonction Base

and range

FOnction Dynamic

Data analysis
tool > 1 Hz

Fonction Dashboard

Statistical monitoring
of the boat’s life cycle

Fonction Warp 10

Multisensor management

Instructions for use

Fonctionnement de la plateforme web
    1. Connect to the central platform.
    2. Load the collected data while sailing (training sessions, offshore race, transatlantic, circumnavigation).
    3. For data coming from optical fibers: need to detail the data origin and their use.
    4. Once you have loaded the data, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
    5. Start the analysis.
    6. Share the analysis with your team or suppliers.

This approach takes only a few minutes.

Additionnal research can be carried out by analysing the data from another angle.

Data management

Once they are loaded, data is securely stored on a Cloud.

They can there forebere-used with confidential access (solely by the user) or destroyed after analysis.

An aid to decision-making

  • Strategic analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Sensor control
  • Detection of specific efforts
  • Management of the fibre optic
  • Creation of automated feedback routine
  • Regular reporting
  • Communicating with suppliers and partners.

A real innovation

In terms of :

  • Approach
    objective values
  • Computing capacity
    Ability to analyze an ultimate world tour (Vendée Globe, Trophée Jules Verne, The Ocean Race…)
  • Accessibility
    cloud and Web Platform compatible with existing data providers
  • Ease of use
    didactic interface