What is AIM?

– An innovation
– A data analysis online platform

AIM1 transforms the data collected at sea into tangible, useful and structured data allowing to work on performance, safety and the architectural development of boats.

AIM1 is the first tool dedicated to Ocean Racing capable of:

Provide in a few clicks and without any particular IT expertise a Transat or World tour analysis in their totality.
• Analyze high frequency (up to several billions of data to analyze the world tour of an Ultimate, for example).
• Provide objective reports thanks to a new approach: the approach of a racer.


The AIM1 is a philosophy, a new approach.

Olivier Douillard, Designer of AIM1 : “The objective of AIM1 is to propose an analysis of what is really happening at sea: the reality of the offshore experience. For this, we use among other things calculations based on moving medians (and not averages) to obtain the most objectives results. Our approach also focuses on “minimums” and “maximum” (the Min/Max): The information provided by these peaks are analyzed in a specific way, since they correspond to specific situations. The idea being to stick to what really happened at sea and to detect all specific situations encountered during navigation. “

This approach based on tangible data analysis allows to obtain objective results, whether we analyze the Adrena files of a Class40 or the billions of data gathered from the optical fibers of a state-of-the-art foiler.

AIM1 N°1 Objective
is to gather objective information
to ask the right questions.